Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Radix Media - Anthology Call

Radix Media has posted an anthology call for "Aftermath:  Explorations of Loss and Grief".  They're looking for fiction, non-fiction, and poetry of 500 to 3000 words that explores all types of loss.  Reprints will be considered but they prefer original work.  The deadline is August 15, 2017 and payment is 6cents a word for fiction and non-fiction and a flat rate of $35 for poetry.  You can find the details here

Dale's Blog for Writers - Market Resource

It's always fun to run across a blog that posts submission calls for writers.  Today's blog is called Dale's Blog for Writers and is hosted by Dale Cameron Lowry.  He has loads of market calls so check it out.

Hollywood Dementia - Open for Submissions

I ran across an interesting site in my search today called Hollywood Dementia.  They're looking for showbiz short fiction of 2500 to 8000 words.  You have to query first because they are looking for writers who are knowledgeable about the entertainment business.  There's no mention of payment but the site is very active.  You can find the details here.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Rayor Books- Anthology Call

Rayor Books has posted an anthology call for "Occupied:  Stories from After the Invasion".  They're looking for science fiction stories of 4000 to 8000 words "set after Earth has lost an invasion and the home world is now occupied".  The deadline is July 1, 2017 and payment is $25.  You can find the details here.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Switchblade - Open for Submissions

Well, this is embarrassing.  Switchblade magazine was supposed to open for submissions today but I checked in and they changed the dates.  They opened on the 10th and will close May 20, 2017.  You can find the submission details here.  Sorry for the shortened notice.